Yogi Love

Jan. 21st, 2014 04:57 pm
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This was a sketch I was planning for Untold Legends but have scratched the idea completely (don’t like the drawing much and now going even more rare pair) and have nowhere else to put this. So here it is, all lonely and fest-less.

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I saw Thor 2 and this is what it inspired me to draw when I came home. I love Mama Frigga, she understood Loki.

Pose reference

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Tried out a new technique for shading on this Elan portrait instead of a blending stump. I like it much better, it appears to preserve the line strokes underneath.

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Ever pull out a piece of paper intent on doing something then the hand does something else? I didn’t do this, the hand did. Probably have to do one more of this gorgeous model to get him out of my system.

Eoin Macken

Sep. 9th, 2013 10:51 pm
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Eoin Macken as Gwaine

Quick pencil sketch for the night. Drawn on watercolor paper but too scared to try those teeth and beard stubble rignt now.

I haven't watched Gwaine's death, I don't know if I ever will.

Yes, I'm a wimp.

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Isaac Lahey

Soft pencils and white charcoal on Strathmore toned paper. Text and gold eyes in Photoshop.
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Pencil, black and white charcoal.

After doing a painting of him that came out just plain awful, I sat down with my first loves - pencil & charcoal - and did this quickly. It helped, but I still wish the painting would have turned out all right too.

Sad Eyes

Apr. 28th, 2013 09:05 pm
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Nasir from Spartacua - Pana Hema Taylor

All I could see from that scene with Castus was Nasir’s distraught eyes — like all the pigment leached out from sadness. *sob* But it turns out almost OK! Here have a goat!

Some WIPs on Instagram

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Colin Morgan from a still for The Tempest

Seems like whenever there is a new still of Colin Morgan after a period of absence, I have to do a mad fast sketch of it (fast for me is 1.5 hours).  Good or bad it has to be done.

Meet Agron

Apr. 10th, 2013 09:17 pm
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Agron from Spartacus

This bad ass mutha fucker has killed hundreds of Romans. He’s a Gladiator. He’s a General in Spartacus’ Army. He turned a Syrian slave boy into a Impaling Spearing Killing Warrior. He will beat you senseless if you touch his Syrian Spearing Killing Warrior. He got tortured and nailed to the cross and lived to fight those fucking Romans again.

He has a soft side though too. He is loyal to Spartacus like whoa. He holds tight the heart of the cutest little Syrian warrior on all sides of the Rhine. He will sacrifice his life to give that little spear wielding bad ass a few more moments of happiness. He held his dying brother in his arms and that will always hurt his fucking heart forever. There will never be enough dead Romans to make up for that shit.

Most of all he is fucking hot, like really really hot. And he says “fuck” a lot.

Pencil, Black and White Charcoal on Strathmore Gray Toned Paper.

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Gwaine doesn't die but is severely physically and emotionally wounded. Merlin patiently restores him back to health
Gwaine doesn't die but is severely physically and emotionally wounded. Merlin patiently restores him back to health and heals himself too (and of course finds love) in the process.