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Some months were hard. I was prolific in March-April, not in June, then gained speed in Sept-October, then started petering out again.

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Last and final try. I tried watercolor, pencil, and now it seems this model is just drawn best with rough paper with charcoal.

Meet Nasir

May. 17th, 2013 10:57 pm
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Meet Nasir from Spartacus

Meet Nasir (companion piece to Meet Agron)

I know he has a presh face, big doe eyes, and a smooth soft voice that can turn a pirate from the sea and calm a hot-headed gladiator-turned-rebel warrior boyfriend into putty. But don't let his kind heart, small stature, or even the ribbon in his hair fool you -- this bad ass can impale and slaughter Romans two, three or more at a time. He can frighten men twice his size. He's a cute little thing, but he is a dangerous mother fucker. This little prick tried to kill the great Spartacus himself once! Fortunately he figured out who the bad guys really were.

He has the biggest meanest boyfriend who would wrestle Jupiter for him. He loves that big bad boyfriend like crazy, won't ever leave his side. He has to yell and put that big bf in his place sometimes, but he ain't scared to do so ever. 

Want a job done right? Ask this little fucker Nasir to do it. He can cut off Roman heads or hang their bodies up to dry then play wack and kill the Romans. He can heal the hurt, train new recruits into warriors, and fry a rabbit in a pan. He can invent new types of weapons. He had to be smart and crafty dude in order to survive. And survive he does when 99.9% of his bigger warriors friends don't. He gets to walk into the sunset with his big bad ass bf because he is so awesome and fucking adorable. 

Pencil, Black and White Charcoal on Strathmore Gray Toned Paper

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What if Merlin was a ballet? Merlin and Morgana as ballet dancers.

Drawble for Camelot Drabble prompt “dance”. Pencil, white & black charcoal on Strathmore Toned Tan Sketch Paper