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Updated February 25, 2013

2014 Artwork

Merlin Fanart:

Yogi Love - Merlin/Gwaine pencil
Queen of the Ice - Gwen, watercolor

Original Art:

Rafa's Sad Profile - pencil
Elan and the Piñata he could not hit - watercolor

Other Fanart:

Buster Keaton - She Loves Me. She Loves Me Not - watercolor

2013 Artwork

2013 Year in Review

Elan Meets Rafa Sketches:

Please Don't Leave Me - pencil
Elan Playing Grand Piano & To Awake Content - pencil
Elan P. Singer - pencil

Merlin Fanart:

The Magic Spills Out- watercolorl
M&M's- Merlin/Mithian pencil
Healing Gwaine - pencil (mildly NSFW)
Colin Morgan, Haircut Iteration #5 - pencil
Dance of the Witch and the Warlock - charcoal, pencil
The Lost Best - digital
Merlin Makes a Butterfly - watercolor
Chantilly Lace and a Handsome Face - Gwaine digital (NSFW)
Colin Morgan in Watercolor - watercolor

Original Art:

Birdee - watercolor
Italian Doorway - watercolor
Experience - pencil
Watercolor hands - watercolor

Other Fanart:

Some Malevolent Avenging Angel - Drawing Blood pencil
Emilia Clarke Watercolor - watercolor
Only the Brave Butterflies - art trade digital
Peace - watercolor and pencil
Willy Cartier - watercolor
Willy Cartier in pencil - pencil
Willy Cartier Again - charcoal
The Sexiest +250 year old Man - pencil Sleep Hollow Icabod Crane
Inktober 2014 - Colin Morgan, Ben Whishaw, Buster Keaton, Bradley James, Nicole Beharie, etc.
After a Long Day of Magic Lessons - Loki and Frigga, pencil

Skyfall Fanart:

Hands- 00Q pencil

Spartacus Fanart:

To the One That Holds My Heart- Nagron pencil (mildly NSFW)
We Are Free - Nagron digital
Nasir - pencil
Jealousy, that Green-Eyed Monster - Agron watercolor
Nasir - I Am a Warrior - digital
I Only Recall a Brother - digital
Nagron Bath - pencil
Nasir in Black and White Charcoal
Saxa - charcoal, pencil
Au Post-Apocalyptic Nagron - digital
Meet Agron - pencil
Warrior Training of Goat Farmers - digital
Pana Hema Taylor as Nasir - watercolor
Sad Eyes - Nasir pencil
Meet Nasir - pencil
Our First Gay Pride Together Photo - digital

Teen Wolf Fanart:

Redhead and Balloons - Holland Roden
Allison - watercolor
Stiles Stilinski & Lydia Martin - pencil
Isaac Lahey - Daniel Sharman - charcoal
Isaac Lahey - Teen Wolf - pencil
Sheriff Stilinski and Melissa McCall - pencil


2012 Artwork

2012 Year in Review

Avengers Fanart:

What did you expect? An exploding pen?- pencil
We'll keep a look-out for those monsters together, brother- digital
Our Hammock, Our Music, Our Life- pencil
Happily Ever After- digital
Finally- pencil NSFW
Young Loki & Mama Frigga- digital
Thunderfrost- digital NSFW
Waiting up/Temptation- mixmed
BB Thor & Loki - comic, mixmed
Silly Brothers! - sketch, mixmed
The Manipulator - traditional art NSFW
Loki & Lucy - digital art
The Young Frost Prince - traditional art
La Vida Loki - traditional art
Young Teenage Gods Playing Asgard Football - traditional art, mixmed
Loki's Realm - traditional art

Captive Prince Fanart:

Damianos, prince of Akielos - sketch, mixmed

Merlin Fanart:

My Place is Warm & Dry - digital for Merlin Holidays 2012
Prelude to Love's First Kiss - drawble, pencil
Merlin Washing - NSFWdrawble, pencil
The Princess and the Sorcerer - pencil
Gwaine - pencil
Help to Lift Your Head - digital
Merlin/Mithian - mix media
I Will Escape - digital
Chameleon Colin - pencil
Late Practice - mix med
Colorful Katie - watercolor
Colin Morgan Loves His Horse! - sketch, mixmed
It All Started in Detention - comic, mix med NSFW
Colorful Colin - traditional art
Surrender- traditional art NSFW
Internal Scars - traditional art
A Soft Touch - traditional art NSFW
Memorable Mustang - digital art, comic
Goth Merlin & Arthur - traditional art, mixmed
Save the Last Dance - traditional art
Out of Control Child!Merlin - traditional art
OMG, There He is Again! - traditional art, mixmed
Our Nurse had a Boyfriend - traditional art, mixmed
Dreaming in Watercolor - traditional art (watercolor)
Art Prompt Fill: Suddenly Self-conscious - Model!Merlin mixmedia
Art Prompt Fill : Cameltot's Daycare - digital art cartoon
Art Prompts fills: "Tom Hopper & Kitten" and "Matching Ties" (M/A)" - traditional art
The Secret Garden - digital art NSFW
Colin Morgan @22 - traditional art
T'was the Night Before Christmas - traditional art, mixmed
Make It Better - traditional art, mixmed

Original Art:

Loyalty of Old Friends and Lovers - pencil
Nude Study - pencil
The Snapshot - pencil
The Converted Cat Lover - pencil
Gentle Love - pencil
That Day You Let Go - pencil
Broken Promises - pencil
Tulle Tutu - watercolor
Soft Kiss - pencil
I Can't Find My Glasses - pencil
Memory of a Kill & Seraglio - pencil
Guiding Finger - pencil (despite the title it IS very SFW)
Apúrate! - pencil
Guiding Finger - pencil (despite the title it IS very SFW)
Blue Sharpie, Half-eaten apple, and his Journal - pencil

Skyfall Fanart:

What Are You Doing Here? - digital
Colorful Ben - watercolor
Every now and then a trigger has to be pulled - 00Q digital
A Job Well Done - mix media
Q - mix media

Teen Wolf Fanart:

Vernon Boyd and Erica Reyes- pencil
We can be the town's whackjobs together- digital
If you are going through hell keep going- watercolor
Holland Roden Just for Fun- watercolor
Holland Roden - fashion, mixmed
Sort of Colton Haynes - traditional art
The Girl with the 5.0 GPA - sketch, mixmed

Other Stuff:

Feeling the Blues - digital
Watercolor World
- watercolor
Ballerina Tying Laces - watercolor
The Hair Twirler - mix med
Watercolor Inks & Stuff - watercolor, ink & um stuff
Ballerina Dance - watercolor
Walk in the Rain / I Know Not Why - traditional art
Dreadlocked, Sam Larsen - traditional art - linework, and mixmed - in color.
Colorful Albert - traditional art, watercolor
Figure Drawing Session January 6, 2011

2011 Artwork

2011 Artwork in Review Calendar

Original Art:

Fly Away - pencil
Different - pencil
Is This OK? - pencil
Your Hand is so Soft - pencil
Under the Boom & Crack of Fireworks - pencil
Playing the Piano - pencil
Elan's Latin Bad Boy - digital
The Moment - pencil
Jake Dealing - pencil
I'll Walk You Home - mix media
Millionaire's Son Returns - watercolor
Late Morning - pencil
Talking on the couch - pencil
Morning Kiss - pencil
Learning Laundry - mix media
The Agreement - pencil
Finally A Restful Sleep - mix media
Sleepless - mix media
Morning Contemplation- mix media

Merlin FanArt:

Eoin Tweet- traditional cartoon (Colin & Eoin)
My Geisha - mixmedia NC17 NSFW
Rescued - mixmedia (Merlin & Gwaine)
Pensive Bradley James - watercolor
Colin - watercolor (Colin Morgan)
Warmth - pencil (Hunith & Merlin)
Where - mix media (Arthur)
Their Park- mix media (Arthur & Merlin)
Beside Him - mix media (Arthur & Merlin) NSFW
Window - mix media (Arthur & Merlin) NSFW
Pulls Him Down - mix media (Arthur & Merlin) NSFW
Hipster Colin in Color - watercolor (Colin Morgan)
Rolling like Thunder- mix media (Arthur & Merlin) NSFW
Welcome Home- pencil (Gwaine) NSFW
The Apology - pencil (Hunith & Merlin)
Morning has Broken - mix media (Merlin & Gwaine) NSFW
Happy Turnips - pencil (Hunith & Merlin)
Picking Flowers for Mommy - pencil (Hunith & Merlin)
Strength Dreaming of Magic - mix media (Gwaine) NSFW
We Were Once Friends - pencil (Morgana & Gwen)

Book FanArt:

The Ginger - digital art
Psilocybin - digital art NSFW
The Mad Comic Book Artist - digital art
Trevor and Zach - traditional art

2010 Artwork

Merlin FanArt:

Happy Holidays Merlin - pencil (Arthur & Merlin)
How did You Become  a Knight? - marker (Knights)
Destiny & a Necklace at Dawn - pencil (Merlin & Gwaine)
Someone to Watch Over Me - pencil (Merlin & Gwaine)
Heartbreak - pencil (Merlin)
Prelude - pencil (Arthur & Merlin)
Colin Morgan- pencil
Santiago Cabrera- pencil
Katie McGrath - pencil
The Last Eyes - pencil (Mordred)



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